The world of boxes

Today I live in Germany.  Two very powerful men in the world’s history were born here: Einstein and Hitler. They both come from the same time and both succeeded in overcoming their limitations, with one significant difference - one of them is considered a Genius and the other a Devil. One was working on the Manhattan project and the other on the “Mein kampf” book.

"Woe is me", said Albert Einstein

when he saw the consequences of his atomic discovery being dropped on Hiroshima. Before that, Hitler’s book popularized Nazism. Different intentions but similar panoramas of terror. Both stories sparkled discussions about freedom, one on discovery in science and the other on writing in literature. Interestingly, after being banned since 1945, in 2016 a new edition of “Mein Kampf” was released. In a matter of weeks, it became a number one bestseller with requests to translate to 70 languages. Now, it serves educational purposes and includes 3,500 academic notes analyzing Hitler’s views and giving comments against ideological propaganda. It is a clear example of how ideas can be packed in different boxes and make different impacts on people. 

A BOX is a good metaphor to use in order to understand some truth about value. The bitter truth is that a box can misrepresent what it holds. For example, when Einstein’s idea was put into the wrong box, it became the atomic bomb, otherwise it is incredible breakthrough which moved science forward. The surprising part is that you never know what is inside if you don’t open it. You can be nicely surprised with what you find in a simple box and feel deceived with a beautiful but empty one. Sometimes, life wants us to play a Russian roulette, but don’t worry, the cheerful truth is that every box that has value inside has a label. Look carefully for it and make sure your boxes have one.  

The label is an intention of everything people do, and efficient life starts from it. Prior the idea or any activity you want to do, think which label you want to stick as a final touch. For what is that box?  It is the tiniest piece, but the most important, especially if you are planning a long journey. Our world is full of triggers and destructions, to lose the focus is very easy, so, keep the label on the important things as a reminder for yourself.

What is the label for the chaika box? I labeled it: “For Freedom”. And I aim those people who are free from any judgments to think differently, those who brave enough to have their own voice. That is the reason why this blog is not about fashion trends, beautiful pictures, art and other complimentary staff, indeed, it is very different from the normal fashion blog. I make sure that chaika has value inside and I’ve got the label, but box needs a lot of polishing because it is all about hard work and an infinite process of perfection.

My husband wished I named chaika box “For Money”...

:) NEIN, He is not that materialistic. He also has a business, not for money but “For Joy” (even he thinks it is “For Money”). One of his best friends got him involved in this. They always enjoy each other's company. They think on interesting ideas for their shooting gallery and approach their business problems with jokes and a laugh and I am sure that their place is going to be a lot of FUN!

Never lose your focus, remember the reason you started what you are doing today.

Unfortunately, you can’t fake the label. What is written on the label should resonate with your soul. That is the reason why so many boxes get lost, many boxes have fake labels, copies with wrong destinations, which at the end will be lost too. To avoid this, it is necessary to be honest with yourself and you need to have enough bravery to do that.

Use BOX metaphor for everything you do and subscribe to chaika. I promise to share GOOD insights, some of them will be surprising for you, some of them useful and some of them will be average, and it is always GOOD to be reminded about important things. Please, leave feedback and if you like my products I am happy to serve you :). Free delivery*,  free returns*.

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