Pre-order and Made to Fit Programs

both programs aim for the same goal:
make more women happy about the way they look

If you love our garment but it doesn't fit you properly - shame on us.
If you love our designs but your size is not available or doesn't even exist is also our fault.

Standardization makes our lives easier, but we know that the nature is far more complex than the standard bodies. We offer Pre-order program in case if you your size is not available and Made to Fit program for alterations and stitching for particular body shapes. Read below about each of it . Please, if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask (send us email on
is used for the case when you really want the particular design but your size is sold out.

It works pretty simple.
Choose the "pre-order" option in the size table of the product you want and hit "add to cart" button. Go to your cart and in the comment box indicate us which size do you need. Pre-order product is free, no payment required.

Our team will come back to you shortly. They will inform when the item might be available. You will be notified second time when the item is arrived to the store.

*items on which pre-order button is not available are not eligible for the program
Made to Fit
is used mainly for alterations of Slim Fit shirts before/after the purchase.

Let us know, if you have some doubts or concerns about the fitting before you purchase or after the receiving the shirt, also maybe your size is not in our sizing range. We might offer the possibility to develop your personalized fit. Please, don't hesitate to contact us through email

*items on which pre-order button is not available are not eligible for the program