Size chart

In Chaika we like simplicity and hence we use a simple sizing system (S/M/L) for our garments. For some styles or fittings, we complete this system with some “intermediate” sizes, which allows for a better fitting and adjustment to your taste.

Our loose fit garments are marked as S, M, L only.

For more fitted garments each size is divided into standard and reduced with a total of six options as follows:

reduced S and standard S
reduced M and standard M
reduced L and standard L


If your whole wardrobe consistently has one size (S, M or L) then most likely you will need our standard S, standard M or standard L accordingly.

If your wardrobe has a mix of two sizes, for example, half of your garments are S and half are M, then you are lucky to be able to choose the fitting of your Chaika garment as you like: you can choose a standard S or a reduced M depending how you prefer your Chaika garment to fit you. Same idea for those that are between an M size and an L size (standard M or reduced L).

Finally, if you have mostly one size but also a few garments are of the smaller size, then for your Chaika garment, we recommend you to choose the reduced version of your bigger size. For example, if most of your garments are M but you also have some S sizes, most likely our reduced M will be your size.